Travel Handbook

Create a folder or binder for your family, roommate, or whoever you trust to look after your business at home while you are gone. Inside, put important documents like your flight itinerary, travel insurance policy, account numbers, blank checks, etc. This will enable them to have everything in one place in case you have a request or emergency. At the very least, include a tentative list of countries you will be visiting and embassy contact info for each.

Things to put inside your travel binder

  • Your flight itinerary
  • Numbers for embassies for all the countries you might be visiting  (you can find them easy on this website)
  • Copies of your credit cards that you are carrying, front and back
  • Serial numbers for any traveler’s checks that you are carrying
  • A couple of signed, blank checks for unexpected bills that come while you are away
  • Your travel insurance policy and information
  • A copy of your passport ID page
  • Your vaccinations records
  • Phone number for your usual vetrinary if you have any pets
  • Any misc instructions to handle affairs while you are gone

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